After all the rain Thursday night, YHC decided to try and keep the troops dry and not drift too far from the starting point.  4 men started off at 5:15 for EC, and we slowly almost doubled in size with 3 more joining by the end.

EC:  Start at the bottom of the ramp, do 5 burpees, run up to base of the next ramp and do 10 180 degree jump squats.  Run down stairs to bottom, 5 burpees, up to next ramp, 10 180 degree jump squats, run to bottom of next ramp and 15 WWII situp.  Down stairs, 5 burpees, up to next ramp, 10 180 degree jump squats, up to next ramp, 15 WWII situps, up to top of the deck and 20 hand release merkins and run down stairs to regroup.  Still have some time left, so run suicides on the staircase, #keeptotheright.  Squat hold when done, then return to pick up the rest of the PAX.

SSH x 15
Windmill x 10
Imperial Walker x10, count off and split into odds and evens.

The Thang: Odds go to the far staircase and do 11’s, hand release merkins at the bottom and WWII situps at the top, Evens go to ramp and do 11’s, Burpees at the bottom and 180 degree jump squats at the top.  Meet in the middle when done, and flapjack.

After both rounds are complete, head back to the ramp.  Odds bear crawl up the ramp and run back down, evens run suicides on the stairs,  Complete both stations x 2 and thats a wrap.

Strong work by all, kept the work simple and the motion constant.  Wilson put it best, “We didnt go far, but we went a long ways.”

Name-o-rama/announcements/prayer requests and YoYo took us out.