YHC pulled into the parking lot a few minutes early and was happy to see the GoRuck men off in the distance.  A sign of serious dedication following a hard weekend for the Mud Run men and the Rock and Rollers.  We tried to be sympathetic to our worn-out brothers, but we had a workout to do. So here it is:

SSH x 30
Mountain Climber x 30
Good Morning x 20
Imperial Walker x 25

Off to the pavilion:
Dip x 20
Irken x 20
Dirken x 15

To the tennis court:
Partner up and wheelbarrow across both tennis courts sideline to sideline

To the track:
Divide into two groups
Group 1 Run a hard lap while group 2 stays and exercises
Run and Prisoner Squats x 25
Run and Merkin x 15
Run and Long Slow Flutter x 20

To the handicap access ramp and the adjacent grassy hill:
Bear crawl up ramp and run down hill x 2 (no break in between)
Bear crawl up grassy hill and run down ramp x 2 (no break)
Plank walk the length of handicap access ramp

LBC x 50
Russian Hammer x 20
Freddie Mercury x 30

Announcements: The PAX discussed the fact that we had very little to announce until Maize came up with an F3 Dad’s workout coming our way on May 31.  Tony Robbins gave us an update on Dufresne.  Spurrier led us out.

Thanks to Wilson for inviting me to Q on such a beautiful day with a  great group of fellas.