22 PAX played tag Friday morning at #thefalcon. Here is how it went:

warm up
10 cadence merkins
10 WMW
10 cadence merkins
10 squats
10 windmill

Let’s get started. Partner up on the track. Partner 1 runs a 400 while partner 2 does continual merkins. I believe Sweats and Assisi were partners so they didn’t have much time for merkins. When partner 1 returns, he tagged up and partner 2 ran the 400. You get the drill. WE did a repeat but substituted LBCs.

It was time to switch it up. We ran to the parking lot and the dreaded hill. Partner 1 bear crawled the straightaway while partner 2 ran the gill, did 10 merkins, ran back down and found partner 1. He then put him on him back and carried him back to the start. Switch and repeat with an extra run and a crab walk.

20 LBC
20 Boxcutter
40 flutters(Assisi)
20 brutal exercise I cant remember the name(Assisi)

It was a great morning and honored to spend it with this group

2 Ply