Can you think of anything better than a day off of work to sleep in, leisurely arise at your convenience, put on your best robe and slippers, grab your cherry blend and pipe and read the morning paper? I can. Ten eager men showed up at the Thicket to prove their dedication to the F3 movement and were ready to work. It was Cookie’s birthday so we wished him a happy birthday with 39 merkins and then made him lug heavy shit around. Let’s get to it!

SSH, IW, Merkins, WMH

After a quick warm up we headed down to the field beside Woods where we found ourselves on the far side with tennis balls at the mid line. We had to go get those balls and bring them back. Each time the PAX had to retrieve a ball they had to travel in a different style. The first travel, back by popular demand, was the triple jump burpee, grab a ball sprint back. Next was the fan favorite bear crawl, then lunge walk, crab walk, several more triple jump burpee travels and all the tennis balls were gone. At this point the mumble chatter was low and YHC suspects the triple jump burpee was no longer popular. Next we moved on to find a bunch of toys spread around the opposing base line. We found tornado balls, medicine balls, Bulgarian Training Bags, slosh pipes, cinder blocks, and 3 Battle Ropes made from old fire hoses courtesy of the Apex fire department. Also on the scene was 2 buckets filled with sand that 1 PAX member would farmer carry across the field and back while the other men played with the toys. When the sand man returned we would switch until we couldn’t take any more. After play time was over we headed to the benches for several rounds of dips. Regular dips, left leg up dips, right leg up dips, and walk out dips. At this point the birthday boy asked YHC if he wanted help gathering the gear from the field thinking that we were done. A merkin ladder with plank jacks was in order to top everyone off.

Happy Birthday Cooke!!

Don’t forget the 9/11 stair climb at Kenan stadium on Friday 9/9 at 0600

Some of the greatest laborers we have are our teachers. It is a labor of love and a willingness to make a difference that keeps them going. They have been there to help shape our lives and don’t get the thanks that they deserve.