Summer is over.
Get used to it.
Lots of memories to look back on though!
Post your favorite summer memories in the comments. 

A dirty dozen PAX showed up for what seems like YHC’s 7th Q in 7 days.  I promise you get a break for a little bit.  I need to check the calendar and my total count and schedule out the rest of the year.  #30for2016.

But you know if I’m Qing we will be touching some turf…let’s get to work!


  • Brrr, it’s 64 degrees.  Let’s job a little more to get warm. #SummersOver
  • SSH, Good Morning, Hillbilly, Cotton Picker (gotta intro some newer PAX to some different warmups…)

The Thang

  • Head to turf for some BLIMPS(ees)
  • 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges, etc, look up the Exicon…
  • We added a twist of a hand release burpee everytime you crossed midfield (half court…)
  • PC or Keep running when done
  • Picnic Shelter set
  • Sets of 15, 10, 5 of the following
    – Tabletop Urkins, ALRSU, Derkins, Teabags
  • TOCRP set
  • Bicep curls x 10 around the circle (in two directions so you go twice), rock held overhead until its your turn or until your name is Khakis and you shouldn’t have grabbed Airbag’s rock…(#SummersOver, make fun of the new guys)
  • YHC said that sucked so lets just do tricep ext x 10 IC, not around the circle
  • Squat rock hold while we go around the circle doing rock rows x 10 (in two directsions)
  • The Wall Challenge (Basketball Courts)
  • Suicide
  • 1s BTTW while 2s sprint and do merkins for every man still ballsing the wall.
  • Flapjack
  • 1s People’s Chair w/ arms overhead while 2s sprint and do star jumps for every man still chaing the peoples.
  • #TClaps to Franklin for being last man standing and making 1s do about 10 full court sprints.  (Possible cheating allegations are still being posed)

It’s 0630.  Oops, we were having too much fun!


  • Tuesday Night Workout tonight
  • Bond Bros for beers tonight
  • Need Qs
  • 9/11 Stair Climb.  Try and wear Carpex if you have it.
  • Prayers for Wilbur’s son (broken arm)
  • Marriages in general
  • Khakis M
  • Other spoken or unspoken I can’t quite remember!!

Had a great time leading you guys this morning.  Everyone was pushing hard and pushing each other as well, good work!