It was a crisp fall morning in the gloom with clear skies and a brisk 54 degrees for Outbreak’s first Q.  One of Chapel Hill’s finest was on hand to make sure that all were willing participants in what was about to occur.  At first, the PAX were wondering why Outbreak was wearing a ruck but it all made sense once they circled up and counted off.  Outbreak introduced the Playlist of Pain – Redux (shoutout to TI).  Each exercise would be done for the full duration of a song.  Outbreak’s ruck contained a bluetooth speaker and he led the PAX straight into the following exercises (with songs / duration for reference):


Exercise Song Time (m:s) Artist
Roxanne – Done while listening to the song ‘Roxanne’ by the Police. While staying in the plank position for the entire song, a Merkin is done at every “Roxanne” and a Plank Jack at every ‘red light’ sung. Roxanne 3:12 The Police

Zombie Walk – A lunge walk over a long distance (to the grass soccer field). Causes the PAX to groan and stumble like the Walking Dead. AMRAP.

Blitzkreig Bop 2:13 Ramones

Bear Crawl Inch Worm – PAX lines up head to feet in plank position. The man in the back of the line bear crawls to front of the line and yells ‘next’ and next man does the same thing until the song ends.  AMRAP.

Billy Jean

(extended cut)

6:22 Michael Jackson

Caterpillar – PAX forms lines shoulder-to-shoulder in plank position. Allow 2-3 feet between PAX. Last man box-jumps over the planking PAX to the head of the line, Indian Run style and yells ‘next’ for the next PAX to start. Continue cycling through until the song ends. AMRAP.

Paradise City 6:46 Guns N’ Roses
High Knees  – High knee mosey to the hockey rink. I Got You

(I Feel Good)

2:47 James Brown

Wall Worms – Start in the Balls to the Wall position, Durkins and inch your way to the right using your hands on the ground and feet on the wall. In a 4-count cadence.

Coming Clean 1:34 Green Day

Wall Worms – Balls to the Wall, Durkins and inch your way to the left. In a 4-count cadence.

Kick out the Jams 1:26 Presidents of the USA

Wall of Fire – While some PAX are doing People’s Chair with arm curl and presses (AMRAP), remaining PAX take turns doing:   10 x Merkins, 10 x Mountain Climbers, and 10 x LBC cycles (AMRAP) until the song ends.

Start Me Up 3:33 The Rolling Stones

Wall of Fire – switch. People’s Chairs to Merkins/MC/LBC and vice versa. AMRAP until the song ends.

Come with Me Now 3:32 Kongos

Three Amigos Tag (with Crab Walk) – Three members of PAX assume air chair position, but back-to-back-to-back, leaning on each other. Hold position as with wall sits, drop lower and walk as a group to tag remaining PAX who are doing a Crab Walk. Tagged PAX do Imperial Walkers. When all Crab Walkers are tagged, switch roles.  Repeat until song ends.

Kashmir 8:32 Led Zeppelin

True to Outbreak’s promise from the week before, not a single Burpee was performed. Although there probably are some PAX who may now regret having Outbreak delve into the Exicon and its treasure trove of pain. Others were just thankful that the Playlist of Pain – Redux wasn’t modeled after the original Playlist of Pain and it’s healthy dose of teeny bopper beats such as One Direction and Britney Spears. #Winning #PlankLife #PlaylistofPain-Redux #F3Nation


COT:  Welcome to Shake n’ Bake.  There was another FNG, but he dropped out during the Caterpillar and is probably disoriented and lost in the soccer field stuck in a plank position waiting for someone to yell “next.”  If you see him, please yell “next” and return him to Bastille next Friday for Dean Wormer’s 2-year anniversary Q!