On the roughly 6 month anniversary of F3 Raleigh’s “The Crucible”, 9 PAX + 1 FNG posted for a #painparty.  The Gloom was raw with humidity and anticipation of what was about to unfold.  While our North Hills brethren celebrated Steroid’s 1 yr anniversary, YHC, having fully briefed himself on the Twitter pre-blast party chatter decided to inflict some of our own “hillpainment”.  As YHC arrived, I noticed a few new faces I hadn’t run across in the North Raleigh hinterlands.  Glad to have you post Fungo and Moneyhose.  For those that don’t know, YHC got his F3 name from Fungo, a Red Sox fan if I recall (YHC made the mistake of letting the PAX know on my first post that Cal Ripken was my favorite player).  After a brief wait, we had an even 10, the VSF was planted, disclaimer given and we got to it.

The Thang:

Warm-up:  SSH x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Fazio Arm Circles – Forward x20, Reverse x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Chilcutt Hold (5 count around the circle)

Recover on the Jog – about 400 meters or so out of the park, left along Lynn Road past the Elementary School.

Lunge Walk 40 yrds and Plank Hold for rest of PAX; Frogger across Lynn Road to Woodmere Drive

Indian Run (down Woodmere, right on Beechgrove, left on Fernhill) and then BAM!! THE PINECONE SNIPER STRIKES – Down goes Moneyhose like Bastian Schweinsteiger!!


Indian Run slows down to check on our friend…after a quick “I’m good”, YHC stops the PAX.

Bearcrawl 40 yards and then squat hold for rest of the PAX.  Recover on the jog to the top of Rangecrest Drive.  Time for some TEETER TOTTER (I believe some mumblechatter began at this point).


If you’ve not had the pleasure of posting at the Crucible or Ethanol, we’ve taken a liking to utilizing the full capacity of not just Williams Park but the surrounding neighborhood hills…and they’ve got some good ones.  This particular section of Rangecrest Drive is like a Bell Curve.


Actual Angle of Ascent

So the objective of the Teeter Totter is to utilize BOTH sides of the hill.  Today’s “painstallment” went as follows…

Count off 1’s and 2’s.

ROUND 1 – Group 1 stays at the top and does LBC’s AMRAP while Group 2 sprints down and back one side of the hill.  Group 2 returns and begins LBC’s AMRAP.  Group 1 sprints down and back the opposite side of the hill.

ROUND 2 – Group 1 does Merkins AMRAP while Group 2 sprints down and back on the other side of the hill they didn’t do before.  Group 2 returns and starts Merkins AMRAP while Group 1 sprints down and back the side of the hill they didn’t do in Round 1.

At this point, the PAX was sufficiently smoked and YHC was considering a Round 3, but checked his watch and called an audible.  PAX recovered on the jog down the steepest part of Rangecrest and then formed up for another Indian Run back to Williams Park.

Indian Run down (and up) Valley Lake Drive [yes, this is another hill of ascent coming out of the neighborhood].  Frogger across Lynn Road and jog to the Picnic Shelter.  Find a spot on a table.

Dips x20 (in cadence), Jump Ups OYO x20, Irkins (in cadence x10), Dirkins (in cadence x10)

Grab a spot on the wall.  Peoples Chair (10 counts down the line) followed by Balls to the Wall (5 counts back down the line).  Recover on the jog to the soccer field.


Crunchy Frog x20, WWII Situps x20, Low Slow Flutter x20, Oblique V-Ups (10 right side, 10 left side), American Hammer x20


After Name O’ Rama, YHC forgot to mention some announcements but, Mud Run signups have been extended (briefly).  HC or EH your buddy to sign up.

YHC shared from 1 Timothy 4:8 which is The Crucible’s theme verse:

New Living Translation
“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.”

As the men of F3, we’re pretty good about the first 2 F’s and it’s encouraging to know there’s men all around the city and in other states meeting to do what we do.  At the end of the day, the 3rd F – Faith is what our Lord is concerned about.  Do we trust him…do we consider training for godliness as an even MORE important thing to focus on in our lives.  I know I need help in this area and men in my life to help me persevere in this journey of life.  My prayer is that we would continue to sharpen each other in our faith and train ourselves for godliness.

Prayer Requests:

– Several families suffering through the loss of a loved one (Dufregne, 2 families at St. David’s – 1 lost a son overseas, the other a math teacher who leaves behind his wife and two sons after a sudden illness took his life).  We never know when our day will come but we can help comfort one another in our grief and encourage each other in our hope in Christ.

– Moneyhose closed us out in prayer.