Two new FNGs this morning for another round of experimental partner exercises, one of which was borderline impossible.

Warm Up:  Jog around the side parking lot to partner up and grab a rock.  Partners then ran rotating the rock overheard around to the front of the school to the big circle for warm ups.  The warm up consisted of SSH x15, Windmill x15, and small to big Fazio Arm Circles x15.

The PAX gathered for a demonstration of the first round of partner exercises.  Partner 1 laid on his back while partner 2 bent backwards with his legs at 90 degrees on to the hands of partner 1 in a bench press position.  Each partner did partner press sets of 20, 15, 10, and 5 reps rotating back and forth.  Once done, the PAX grabbed their rocks and ran a lap around the track with their rock above their head.  For the next round, partner 1 did Carolina dry docks while partner 2 did WWII’s with the rock.  Each partner did sets of 20, 15, 10, and 5.  This was followed by another lap, but without the rock.  Round 3 consisted of partner 1 laying on his back while partner 2 leaned backwards in to partner 1’s feet for a leg presses.  Sets of 20, 15, 10, and 10.  Back to the track with rock above head.  For the last round, partner 1 did burpees while partner 2 did curls for sets of 15, 10, and 5.  The PAX then jogged back to the other side of the school to return their rocks.

Mary: Freddy Mercury x15, American Hammer x15

COT:  Prayers for Banana seat’s test results.