7 PAX members gathered at the gates of Apex Community Park and determined the locked gates do not apply to them. #cantread Let’s see what they did there:


-SSH, Mountain Climber, Good Morning, Merkins


Six stations around the parking lot with six exercises at each station.
-Merkins, LBCs, Squats, Wide Arm Merkins, Jumping Lunge, and Burpees #crowdfavorite

Mosey to the picnic area. Lunges on the way there.


Dips x 15, L/R Step-ups x 20, Derkins x 10, and Incline Merkins x 10 – Did it twice #morebetter

Mosey back to the park entrance.

Mary – LBC, Dying Cockroach, and Boat/Canoe.


Naked moleskin:

– Apex’s finest greens and grounds keepers pulled a fast one on us this morning and locked the gates. It didn’t work. We got in.
– Grease Monkey was scared when he heard the gates opening. He was certain that we were getting arrested. Glad they didn’t press charges. We’re just working out, sir. Move along.
– Wonder Bread is a quick one and I’m certain he’ll be dominating the Apex/Cary PAX in no time!
– Saban coached an NFL quarterback. Kept that one close to the vest for months. Who else do you know, brother?

– Prayers for kids going to camp and starting new sports. Grease Monkey took us out with a great prayer.

Always an honor spending the morning with the men of F3,