YHC is loving this cooler weather. Makes for fast runs and harder workouts. Got the commit by Chelsea for the EC run before Mad Mule and met at the flag. 6.2 miles and some good mumble chatter as always before we saw PNG setting up his shovel flag. Little small talk about the wolf puppies game and the stellar performance of the Tar Heels.  7 AM hits and we are off.

Warm up:15 in cadence; SSH, Cotton pickers, squats, 10 in cadence wind mills.
Mosey toward baseball field and Drago flies into the parking lot ready to get to work.
Partner work today: one partner does merkins and switching each turn while the other partner bear crawls, crab walks, rabbit hops, frog hops. 25 yards. DURING PARTNER WORK THE AMTRAK CAME THROUGH TOWN, PAIN TRAIN WAS JUST BEGINNING!
Mosey to track and Indian run around the park 1 lap.
Recover at the pull up bars, partner up again for 10 pull ups each with help from partner if needed for all 10. Lunge to sidewalk and mosey back. Repeat 3x.
Dora 1-2-3 partner jogs to stop sign and back while one partner starts the reps, switch and complete together 100 dips, 200 squats, 300(150 superman’s and 150 LBC’s)
Mosey to the other parking lot for some tire work! Partner tire flips:Flip tire and perform 6 mountain climbers before getting another turn. Length of parking lot. 10 sec count. Tire flip back 2 flips for every 5 merkins. Take turns until all the way back.
 Recover at the start! We were able to get another 1.8 miles in during the boot camp workout and pushed each other to the limit.
Moleskin: Always be there for your brother and push, encourage, and rag them about their trash football team whenever you get a chance!

Hugo M’s grandma health, Stretch M’s grandpa may get out of hospital,  poor prognosis, Drago work related, Hurricane recovery, Labrat moving this year