25 Pax (site record? Must consult the Enronopedia) rolled out and gathered around the VSF, ready to embrace some hill-age. The moderate temp and lack of humidity could not have been more awesome, and made the festivities tolerable….maybe not. With a couple of HiFi newbies and a traveling weight loss expert, the PAX were off.

Mosey up Horton, and hang a right on Ridge. Run to Churchill and circle up.

  • Windmills x15, Imperial Walkers x15; all called in best White Shoe voice possible. Speaking of White Shoe?

The Thang: Thinking about that Pace

  • Run down Churchill, cross Dixie Trail, and up the Hill to Brooks. (Approx 1 mile) No man left behind. Take a 30 second breather, then run to the last man, and follow till all reach Brooks.
  • Plankorama
  • Run all the way back to Ridge, 30 second breather, No Man left behind.
  • Repeato
  • Run back to the VSF, 30 second breather, No man left behind.


NMM and COT:

  • No time for Mary or stretching. Do that at home. Can’t stress the stretching enough. A flexible muscle is a strong muscle.
  • Next week at HiFi is PAX choice. Either hills or speedwork on the track. Take your pick.
  • Couldn’t think of a better title for this set, given the mileage that was covered. Most got in at least 6. Perhaps next time we’ll break open the Misty Mountain Hop or Bron Y’aur Stomp. Nice work out there gents
  • Several Elvises today. Boys got places to go and people to see, yet the Song Remains the Same.
  • Notable absences: Enron and Layover (do they ever miss?)
  • Java took us out with a strong prayer over requests and our continued need for HIS strength.

Vive Le BRR! Vive le Chevre!