YHC did not have a plan whatsoever. I had plenty of ideas but nothing really stuck. Then a warning about snakes was issued. So rock work was out. Ok recycle the Route 666 workout. Done.

The Warm Up:
SSH x 50 IC
GM x 10 IC
WM x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC
MC x 50 IC
KDK x 10 IC – Burt at this point says “There’s something wrong with you if you can’t do King David Kicks properly. I can’t do these right.” YHC lost the unspoken try and make the Q laugh rule. Well Played sir.

The Thang:
At each light post stop and do the called exercise and add 1 rep to each post.
Alternate exercises at each post for 91 total of each exercise.
We stopped at each corner for all Pax to regroup.
While waiting pax had the option to Squat Pulse or Burpees.
1st Round – M’ericans & Squats
Interlude #1 – Bear Crawl from post to post and Crawl Bear back to the start point. (No only one set of posts)
2nd Round – Carolina Dry Docks (Or as YHC always fumbles this CCD’s) & Sumo Squat Jumps
Interlude #2 – Lunge Walks & Walk Lunges post to post back to the start.
Finale – Billy Run aka AYG from post to post and backwards run to the start x 3 w/ Ma’Bell as our Official Flag Waver.



Callahan’s gonna post something about a 5K?
South Wake has a Ruck Pub Crawl.

Prayer Concerns:

Wonk lead us in prayer.

Strong work by all today. Thanks for posting and keeping YHC sharp. See you in the Gloom.