Last time YHC came out to Agoge Anonymous introduced me to what I’m calling the BAH. So naturally when I got a chance to Q I wanted to return the favor. Here’s how that went down.

The Warm Up:
SSH x 40 IC
GM x 11 IC
WM x 11 IC
M’ericans x 20 IC
MC’s x 40 IC
IW x 11 IC
KDK x 11 IC
Squats x 40 IC

The Thang:
Follow YHC down to the Rock Pile and pick a winner
Rock Curl x 10 IC
Rock Tricep Extension x 10 IC
Rock Shoulder Press x 10 IC
Rock Squat x 10 IC
8 Count Rock yo’ body x 10 IC
Rock yo world x 10 IC
Put em’ back & follow YHC down to the BAH (Big @$$ Hill) for…

The Stacker – Count off 1 thru 7 Run up the hill and do a called exercise by the Number of the Pax. Go down the BAH and Run back up. Do the first and then the next called. Repeato.

1 – Burpee
2 – Star Jumps
3 – Prisoner Squats
4 – Hand Release M’ericans
5 – Burpee’s
6 – LBC’s
7 – M’ericans
8 – Jump Knee Tucks

For an Encore we Bear Crawled up the BAH then we went back down and went up again backwards.

Follow YHC back to the flag.

Was a no show.

Prayer Concerns:

Floppy Lead us in Prayer

YHC was feeling the Merlot stirring towards the end of this one and even as I type my legs are still all kinds of sore. Had to push hard to keep up with the Young Guns out in Wake Forest.

Thanks for the invite Floppy.
See you in the Gloom

Floppy Disk, Patina, Anonymous, Handy Mandy, Palin, Field & Stream, Snuffalufagus