12 Pax showed up on a beautiful Saturday morning at the beach for the Bay Watch workout and my last workout before moving to the prairie.

Warm Up:
-25 Side Straddle Hops x 4 count
-20 Imperial Walkers x 4 count
-run to the beach
-run by the restroom for Hot Colon if you are Heisenberg

The Thang:
Run 10 beach accesses conducting the following workouts at each access:
-20 squats
-10 lunges each leg
-20 mericans
-30 LBCs

If you finish early run back and help the last guy finish his exercises.

Five minute cool off and ocean swim, how many F3s can say that!

-25 x 4 count flutter kicks in the surf
-20 x 4 count Hello Dolly’s in the surf
-25 x 4 count squats in the surf

Run back to the parking lot…Dino why did you take the long way back?

Conduct varies workouts until all LCMs made it back.

-Niles you better be worried, your daughter is calling Busted Grill dad.
-Great job by Teo and Jlove who came out even while on vacation.
-sign up for the Tri-Span run, get with Heisenberg for details
-order for your T-Shirts designed by Heisenberg

Thanks for letting me Q and for making me better these last two years. It has been a great run!