A beautiful morning out at Bond Park, and 6 Pax rolled in for a weekend beatdown before the heat settled in. We were happy to have Gilligan with us, posting from Greensboro, but the tragic circumstances of his presence were of great concern to all of us. Gilligan is Chinese Downhill’s brother, who was in town to support his family after the death of his son last Thursday. With heavy hearts we headed out for our morning workout.

Warm up

Run to the Kiwanis Club Shelter

  • Good mornings x 20
  • Side Straddle Hop x 20
  • Wind Mills x 20
  • Mericans x 20

Low Plank Hold x 20 count

The Thang

Run to the open field past the amphitheater

8 rounds with the greatest Ali.

5 stations with 10 reps of exercise running up to the top of the hill and back to start point

  1. Mericans x 50
  2. Jump Squats x 50
  3. Burpees x 50
  4. Box Cutters x 50
  5. Swiss Mericans x 50
  6. Star Jumps x 50
  7. Std. Mericans x 50
  8. American Hammers x 50

Planned 2 more rounds for an even 10 but by this time we were toast, and basically out of time.

We did our workout beside a group of ladies that were out for a boot camp of there own, which was paid for no doubt. So both groups got to encourage each other up the hill we were on,which was a little different. Our work out was far tougher than there’s and free of course, thanks F3!!



Head back to the cars.

  • LBC x 25
  • Hello dolly x 25
  • 6 inch leg hold x 20 count

American Hammers x6 for a 56 count which will bevy age next week.

Term Paper did join us for Mary and COT on his way to a golf tournament, but he did little to get those fancy clothes dirty.


Talked about ways we could support Chinese Downhill in the coming weeks as his family deals with this tragic loss. Please keep them in your prayers daily, he will need our support in a big way. Please give him a word of encouragement when he is out in the gloom, and please no questions.

Continued prayers for Banjo’s family with the loss of his uncle this week.

We surrounded Gilligan to pray for him and his family for our closing prayer.