This morning I posted at #Phoenix in Bond Park in Cary. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it or not. My original plan was to just to show up for the COT and let everyone know about what was going on with my brother who is a member of their pax Chinese Downhill. Thursday night he found out that he lost his 23 year old son Gibson. I am in Cary trying to be by his side as much as I can. He talked me into going for the whole workout and not just the COT. He knew I needed it and wanted me to meet his new friends in F3 Cary or “Carpex”.  I am glad I went. As I figured, the men I met in Cary are cut from the same cloth as my brothers in Greensboro and Morehead and every other location I have visited. They had already heard and offering comfort and support from the start. Although Chinese Downhill is relatively new to the pax I was lifted up by how much concern they showed and the help they offered. I wanted to post this to get the details of the service Sunday because the pax were asking and there wasn’t much to write on in the COT.

Visitation Sunday @ Apex Baptist Church from 1:30-2:30 pm

Funeral is right after the visitation at Apex Baptist Church 3 pm

Address for Apex Baptist is 110 S Salem St in downtown Apex.

He is surrounded by a lot of family and friends right now but in the coming weeks and months he will need the pax. He will need the fellowship. He will need the 3rd F. He will need 45 min or an hour to escape from this nightmare and hopefully smile and laugh again with you men. And so will I. Thanks to all our F3 brothers for being there for both of us during this time.

God bless you all,