There is an unwritten rule in F3 that says if you talk smack on Twitter about the Q the night before a workout, you sure as hell better show up to that workout to back it up.  Well, our veteran brother Orwell violated this rule with his invisible post at Flood Zone this morning after saying something about wine and cheese and leisurely activities on Twitter the night before.  Punishment for said violation is a name change, so everyone please welcome Oh Well to F3 Raleigh!

Extra Credit

To top deck, find a spot on wall.  Stumps (mountain climbers while in balls to wall) x 20, move down to plank, bear crawl across lot, move to Derkin position, Derkins x 10, back to plank bear crawl back.  Sprint about 100 yards and back.

Lt. Dans – cousin to Jack Webb, but with squats and lunges in a 1:4 ratio.  Went up to 5:20.  Makes you feel like you ain’t got no legs.

Repeat Stumps to Derkin route above and sprint.  Back to parking lot for the main event.


Run to base of parking deck below Flemings.  GM x 15, SSH x 15, IW x 10


Run up parking deck.  At each turn, do 5 hand release burpees.

Line up along curb in front of restaurant row for the Dirty MacDeuce.  4 sets of 3 exercises, 12 reps apiece, focusing on chest, legs and core.  4-count cadence for reps.

Set 1:  Merkins x 12, Prisoner Squats x 12, Freddy Mercury’s x 12, sprint to 2nd light pole and back
Set 2:  Diamond Merkins x 12, Seesaw Lunges (R) x 12, Reverse LBC x 12, sprint to 3rd light pole and back.
Set 3:  Wide Grip Merkins x 12, Seesaw Lunges (L) x 12, Hammers x 12, sprint to 4th light pole and back
Set 4:  Baby Derkins x 12, Tree Huggers x 12, Flutter Kicks x 12, sprint to other end of lot & hold.

Fellowship jog out of deck, along path to McDonald’s, up path to base of Solis Hill.  Partner up for Doracides,  the evil twin sister of Dora 1-2-3.

Each pair completes a total of 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs.  One partner does exercises while other partner runs suicides up Solis Hill with the first 3 light poles as turnaround markers.  At 1st light pole do 1 burpee before turning around, 2 burpees at 2nd pole, 3 burpees at 3rd.  Once done with suicides, flapjack with partner doing exercises.  Repeat until reach 100-200-300 goal.

To make sure everyone fully appreciated the suck that is Solis Hill, before heading out run to top of hill, 10 burpees, then back down.

Quick pace back to starting point in the deck.  Rumor of a merlot spill here at the end but not confirmed.


LBC x 25, Homer to Marge x 15


Announcements:  Mule in March, KK Challenge a week from Saturday – F3 meeting point is by the bell tower where no one else will be, Arena this afternoon.

Prayer Requests:  ManRam’s father sustained a serious head injury from a falling tree limb while assisting with tornado debris clean up in Georgia last week.  He is in ICU in Jacksonville, FL now and it is unknown how long he will be there.  Please keep ManRam, his family, and his father’s doctors in your prayers.  For updates, see the Caring Bridge link below:

Hal Feeney Caring Bridge Site

Other prayer requests included one for Orwell, oh, I mean Oh Well, for the inevitable backlash for his absence this AM.

Country Wide and Overdraft fought for the privilege of closing out, but Country Wide won and delivered with strong words to get us going for the day ahead.

Great job this morning Pax!  Always enjoy Q’ing at Flood Zone – so many options.