YHC arrived with at least 3 minutes to spare for another to be determined Q at FZ.  As is the case so often at this AO, there was a good crowd ready to go by this time.  With the smack talk steadily spewing from Danza the previous night, YHC tagged Zima to lead those desiring EC through the paces, there were 3 pax for his time.  A quick call for FNG’s determined there to be 1 in our midst, so the disclaimer was given and approved of by LA and Prenup, with all the formalities complete YHC surveyed the deck and opted for a westerly jog as he thought what the day might hold for the 31 pax in place.  Here’s how it went down.

Tha Thang:

jog the flats and several other things on the ramps, backwards, karaoke, and something else till the top was reached.  Circle up for some warm-ups; Greatest Country Wide Stretch Ever, GM’s, SNFAC’s, IW’s, and maybe a few more.

Head west to the far end of the lot and line up along the end wall, the next excercise would be the beast for the full lot run, Merkins, Squats, WWII’s, 2 more YHC forgot, and burpee’s.  Several pax led by VV headed back out after the work was complete to finish strong with the fng, #ISI #nomanleftbehind .

Circle up for YHC’s signature move, (no not the Dirty Bird), the LBC Pyramid, to 30 and back.

Back to the lot for another set of the beast, burpee’s first this time, then again head out to finish up with the FNG.   By this time our 45 was coming close to the end so we mosey’d over to the center for a final COP.

10 Burpee’s OYO, WWII’s on my up, finally finish things off with Have a Nice Day, done!


YHC was struck in Have a Nice Day with 2 important things, first God asked YHC to share the gospel.  Though this can sometimes be intimidating YHC has done this regularly from the QIC.  The next thing has and would prove this day to be quite the challenge for YHC.  Through a still broken heart for the loss, YHC shared with the pax that this day 12 years prior he lost his brother to suicide, it tugs at the heart to even type the words out.  This story falls right in line with the gospel and how God saves us through the storm, not from the storm, so that’s what YHC did.  YHC remarked at the closeness of the relationship with his brother, but didn’t expound.  YHC and his brother lived about a block from each other, saw each other multiple times most days.  YHC was married for less than a year, and his brother spent many nights and days breaking bread with YHC and his new M.  In fact YHC and his M spent the previous night out with his brother, just another spring night out, enjoying the company and the weather.  YHC had no idea the anguish and sickness that would grip his brother that night and had likely done so since long before.  YHC shared with the pax how God used the time since to draw him to depend on God and to find peace in Him alone.  Then YHC told the pax how much F3 has meant to him and how he has found a brotherhood he never would have imagined.  YHC then shared the good news of Christ, the cross, the empty tomb, and heaven.  Tuck took us out with a mighty word to the King of kings and Lord of lords.


The Skin:

The morning work was good, YHC thought it sucked and therefore was good for the morning suck factor.  Great crowd, God brought many of YHC’s brothers out to share this heart tug with.  As the years click on, YHC hasn’t forgotten about the tragedy of that day 12 years ago, but had not had the inclination to think of it till just in the middle of Have A Nice Day.  YHC intentionally led the same AO some 2 years prior to commemorate the 10 year anniversary, and had planned some remarks for the morning to celebrate the memory of his brother, but this morning God planned it all out.  There are no coincidences, God is ALWAYS working in the lives of His children and pulls all things together for our good and his glory.   Suicide is real, and many of the pax have experienced it in their lives in some way.  Depression is a sickness and there is help from God, many professionals and more.  If you know someone struggling, reach out.  Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions, I imagine many feel like their alone in their thoughts and that no one knows what their up against.  Be bold before it’s too late.  Thanks to all my F3 brothers for walking with and sharpening me along the way.  Remember you may want to think there are coincidences, but there aren’t, walk in to what God is calling you to, be bold!

CW Out!