Congratulations to all of the teams, especially the local ones that have made the Sweet 16! YHC has been absent while healing up and dealing with some unfortunate family issues so I’ve been out for a while. This must have been good since I almost made myself Merlot.


1 lap around the track

SSH (x20)

Imperial Walkers (x20)

Mountain Climbers (x20)


‘4 Quarters’

Around the parking lot, PAX must complete the square changing movements along each side (sprint, low shuffle & backwards run)

After each corner, PAX must complete a set of 16 exercises…

1st – Sprint, then Squat Jump (x16)

2nd – Backwards run, then Offset Merkins (x16)

3rd – Low shuffle (switch half way), then Ski jump (x16 – side right and side left = 1)

4th – Backwards run, then mini-Irkins (x16 on the curb)

Complete this 4 times!

‘Climbing to the Top’

PAX start at the top of the hill…

Run down and back up, then x1 SSH

Run down and back up, then x2 SSH

Run down and back up, then x3 SSH

Continue until x16 SSH


Cones set up about 7 yards apart…1 PAX duck walk to 1st cone, bear crawl to 2nd cone, duck walk to 3rd cone. Then backward bear crawl back to 2nd cone, backward duck walk to 1st cone & backward bear crawl back to start.

While this is being done, other PAX complete various Mary exercises (minimum of 20)





This was my first Q since losing our second baby in about a year. Both babies were in their second trimester and were unexpected. I can’t thank the men of F3 enough for their support through prayer and meals for our family! Thank you for checking in and making sure we are ok and for encouraging me to make it back out. Thank you for extending Christ’s love to us!



Continued prayers for my family in our journey through a difficult time. Prayers for the Throneburg family who had their baby at 26 weeks. Baby Ford is continuing to fight, but it is an up and down battle (forgot to mention this one, but prayers are needed).