YHC is QIC, so of course it rains. 12 brave PAX came out anyway to test and push themselves at the spring edition of the North Raleigh Fitness Challenge. No FNGS, so a quick explanation, a quick warmup, then wait for Dutch Boy who arrives just in time for the final directions…

The Thang

AMLAP (as many laps as possible)

– Start at playground. Pull-ups x5.
– Run lap around park, stop at benches under shelter. Box jumps x10
– Head to front of school. Merkins x15 on the sidewalk.
– Continue around perimeter of school. Stop at small basketball court for LBCs x20
– Continue around perimeter, stop at Gazebo for Air Squats x25
– Continue around perimeter, stop at next basketball court for Flutter Kicks x30
– Around the small track, then back to benches under the shelter.


YHC and Shake and Bake made it to 4 laps after 3 plus last August – pre-runs paying off. Cinderella led the way despite not following directions to start. Grady had a solo pre-run and dropped Elvis off on the side of the road, but still finished towards the front.

Convergence Memorial Day – check twitter for details
Forum today at noon – last day for Peter
Prayers for F3 brother going through issues.
TinkerToy took us out strong.