When Wendell Gee somehow forgot he was supposed to be in Wilmington on Saturday, it created a problem for his leading Whiplash in Raleigh.  So he asked if I could do it and I said yes.  But I’ve been too scared to go to the Judge until recently, and I may have done Whiplash only once before. Which is a long way of saying that I don’t know the geography of the art museum that well.  So I went onto ye olde website, scrolled through old backblasts to find a January one from Chippendale, and stole it with some amendments to create this:

Warmup in parking lot: 20 SSHs; 10 slow Good Mornings; 10 slow merkins (halfway down “1”, all the way down “2”, halfway up “3”, all the way up for one); 20 imperial walkers.

Run down to the Amphitheater, though I first took half of us in the wrong direction and then had to catch up with Fava Bean, who went the right way.  Leadership.  Anyway, we played baseball in the amphitheater.  10 sumo jump squats at home plate.  Run up the steps to the sidewalk and do one burpee at first base.  Run halfway down the sidewalk (second base) for 10 more sumo jump squats, run the rest of the way to the corner of the steps (third base) going back down to the bottom of the amphitheater.  We did 10 more sumo jump squats there, and kept the loop going for about 12 minutes.

Run down to the pond.  Wait, first, go back and get my headlamp, which was not necessary at this hour.  People loved that.  Then run down to the pond, where we split up with half the group running around the pond, and half doing merkins, squats, and WWII situps — sets of ten each.  I think getting through two cycles of each before the other group was back was typical.  We did that four times and then ran to the dojo for 20 box jumps.

Leave the dojo and run through the woods and to the bridge across 440.  This was farther than I thought it was going to be.  We did five burpees on the near side of the bridge, five on the far side, and five on the nearside again.  Then we ran back back uphill to the ellipse, which turns out to have been harder than running downhill.

Mary in the ellipse: 25 Freddie Mercuries, 25 low slow flutters, 25 American Hammers, 25 LBCs, end with a low plank hold ten-count around the circle.

Prayers for Khakis’ new baby, which was still just on the way as of Saturday at 6:30 a.m.

That was fun.  I’ll do more soon.