The opportunity to get out and enjoy nature without the crowds is something everybody should experience.  This is only surpassed by enjoying nature with other men looking to improve their lives as well…welcome F3.

ssh x10
good mornings x10
Fazio arm circles x10
reverse arm circles x10

jog down to open field in the middle of the trails:
point A to B is 40 yards, at each point do 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 squats, 15 lbcs.
A->B Run (do it backwards back to A)
A->B bear crawl
A->B crab walk
A->B karaoke
A->B lung walk

For a total of:
50 burpees
100 merkins
150 squats
150 lbc

jog up to soccer field for 6 inch leg hold burnout.
each of the 3 pax count for 20 in turn until we cannot hold anymore
12×20 count cycles were endured, no fast counting allowed


tclaps to Key West for holding his 6 inch leg hold the longest
tclaps to Rounding Error for making his second appearance in F3