Truer words were never spoken. Clearly, with such honesty and wisdom, Large Mouth is not qualified to run for President. Never mind he and 16 others had to stay up to midnight to hear our current POTUS endorse one of the two oligarchs chasing the dream of running this great nation; some things are just too important to have politics get in the way. 17 men arose to a beautiful, cool crisp dank gloom-filled morning, braving the dangerous streets of Cary to wash away the scent of donkey convention and to feel the Bern.

Warmup: Jog, Good Mornings, Sir Fazios, Merkins, Freddie Mercuries, Superman Pulses

Thang: Jog>Run>Pullups>LBCs>Pullups>LBCs>Pullups>Superman Pulses, Jog>Burpees>Jog>Squats>Jog>More Burpees>Jog to Bond Brothers (where 2nd F is tonight!),  Russian Trump American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Wind Sprints, More Burpees, Wind Sprints (the last one being 80%, cueing the Honorable Large Mouth’s comment de jour), Billy Run!

Big ups to Sky Blue whose daughter was born Monday, and is now 3 shy of fielding a soccer team (including said Sky Blue and the M).  Continued praise to God for blessing our brothers Sky Blue and Callahan with healthy babies and healthy Ms.