No lo siento, soy todo el negocio hoy

Another balmy day at Urban Jungle saw 32 PAX emerge from the gloom to get sweaty with their favorite hombre, YHC. I posted some crap in Spanish the night before as a Twitter-tease… I don’t even know what it said. Whatever. It had “Azul” on it…

Warm Up

Jog to Target Parking Lot

  • 20 x Side Straddle Hop
  • 20 x Carolina Dry Docks
  • 20 x Imperial Walkers
  • 20 x LBC
  • 20 x Squat


Jog to the Rock Pile, grab a friend.

  • 20 x Bent-over Row
  • 20 x Overhead Press
  • 20 x Tricep Extensions
  • 20 x Curls
  • Pass your rock to the right. Repeat-O x15 and then x10. Return your rocks.

Jog to front parking lot (along Six Forks Rd.) Form a couple with your partner.

  • P1 runs between the buildings and around Moe’s, back to parking lot while P2 does exercises.
  • Together/in total, complete 200 Merkins, 200 Squats, 200 LBCs. Squat hold until all PAX finishes.

Recover on the jog, mosey to JC Penny’s.

  • P1 Balls-to-the-Wall, P2 Bear Crawl to curb, run back. Flapjack.
  • P1 People’s Chair, P2 Crab Walk to curb, run back. Flapjack.
  • P1 AMRAP LBCs, P2 run to curb, do 25 x Quick Feet, run back. Flapjack.


  • 20 x American Hammers
  • 20 x Dying Cockroaches
  • 20 x Low Slow Flutter
  • 20 x LBCs



Prayer Requests

  • ManRam’s father recovering from a severe head injury
  • There was another important request and I forgot. Sorry.

Geddy kindly took us out with a prayer.


-Azul out

QIC: Azul
Workout Date: 02/01/17
The PAX: Gaines, Wendell Gee, Swirly, Farron, Cheney, Western Stranger, Prenup, Huh?, Katahdin, Gaylord, Garden Hose, Baby Farley, Wonderland, Franzia, My Precious, Zima, Punch List, Elmer Fudd, Peace Pipe, Life Alert, Layover, Overdraft, Country Wide, Elsinore, Ron Burgundy, Mandelbaum, Geddy, Cotton, Yoda, Mister Krabs, Azul

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