old guys rule

For some reason the boys of Dawn Patrol decided to hand the Q reins to an old #SilverSurfer this morning, and 13 and 1/3 Pax were kind enough to join him in the effort. YHC waited patiently in the hopes that the Chonger might emerge clad in his Guy Harvey’s as he is prone to do on occasion, but alas it was not to be. Another pax also was noticeably absent when the appointed time arrived (more on that below). Undeterred, we planted the VSF (which amazingly morphed into an actual SF later in the workout) and headed off into the murky waters of the pre-dawn gloom for . . .

The Thang:

Warm-up: parking lot run around the Pain Islands and circle up for Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings and Windmills

Shark Tank:  Pax divides into four groups stationed at each corner of the parking lot surrounding the Pain Islands.  Each group proceeds to circle the islands while completing the following:

  • Circuit 1:  Station 1 – one leg burpees x 5 (each leg), Station 2 – EKG x 10, Station 3 – Star Jumps x 10, Station 4 – alternating jump lunges x 20.  After completing a station, group rotates to next stop with sprints on long sides and bear crawls on short sides.
  • Circuit 2:  Station 1 – wide grip mericans x 15, Station 2 – diamond mericans x 15, Station 3 – staggered mericans x 10 (each side), Station 4 – knuckle mericans x 15.  After completing a station, grour rotates to next stop with sprints on long sides and backwards sprints on short sides.

Mosey round back for Walk The Plank (continuous set with no breaks):  high plank (10 count), plank walk left (10 count), Chilcutt (10 count), high plank (10 count), plank walk right (10 count), low plank (10 count)

Head over to the wall for:

  • People’s Chair:  Standard (10 count), drop lower (10 count), back to standard (10 count), back to lower (10 count)
  • Walk Ups:  start in decline plank on wall (10 count), walk up to balls to wall (10 count) – nod to Enron for this one
  • [Insert Utah here]
  • People’s Chair:  Standard (10 count), single leg right (10 count), standard (10 count), single leg left (10 count)
  • Alternate Walk Up:  wall derkins x 5, walk up to balls to wall (10 count)

Recover on the run to baseball field for 6 MOM led by Utah:

  • LBC’s x 30
  • High Plank x 15
  • Reverse Plank x 15
  • Freddy Mercs x 25
  • TD Curls x 15 (each side)



  • Great having Cesspool with us the past couple of days.  If he’s indicative of the quality of the Columbia Pax, it’s easy to see why F3 has blown up there.  #ComeBackAnytime
  • Claps to FNG Sheep’s Clothing for a strong first post.  SC picked the Pack in tonight’s matchup then disclosed the fact he’s a Heels alum.  Vila pounced.  End of story.
  • Watch shows 5:45 – no Utah. Off we go.  Watch shows 6:00.  No Utah.  Workout continues.  Watch shows 6:15.  Shadowy figure emerges from the darkness carrying actual SF.  Here’s Utah. Pax – Welcome Johnny, join us. Utah – OK, but let me plant the flag first.  [first attempt – no go, second attempt – no go, third attempt – no go].  Vila – you do realize there is about a foot of gravel where you are trying to plant that thing, right?  Utah – F*** [mutters something about Siri controlling his life, leans flag against wall and joins in the exercise].  Credit given for 1/3 of the workout – duly noted in the F3 Reward Points program.
  • No Catalyst this Saturday = Pullen Convergence for those not running the Midtown 5K at North Hills (sign up and support the Carroll Cougars if you are so inclined).
  • The Mule Part Deux is coming.  Saturday, October 5, Pullen Park, 6 am launch.  Join us for a little more #GoodLivin than usual.  Details here:  http://f3nation.com/2013/09/15/the-mule-ii-2/
  • Third F Initiative:  Planning a Third F kickoff dinner on a weekday evening sometime in early November.  Details forthcoming.  Save the date (once we determine when it will be).
  • Shout out to our men heading to the GoRuck Nasty this weekend.  No doubt you’ll do the Nation proud.
  • Continued prayers for Bull’s Eye and Sam Caviness dealing with possible concussions, flood victims in Colorado, shooting victims in DC and all others suffering here and abroad – may you find comfort, peace, healing and strength through the One who provides.

That is all.