Men of valor. Men of veracity. Men of this stuff roared into The Judge, prepared for it to do its worst.

PreBlasts prevent the element of surprise at this art-inspired outpost. However, these night-before-beatdown proclamations guarantee that the men who post have read the recipe and are ready to get cooked.

It’s 0530 at the Art Museum. Constant motion’s the name of the game. Lace em up and suck it up.


Run the road around the outside of the new museum building (beside Blue Ridge Rd) to backside parking lot:

> Triple Lot – Snake through the 3 parking lots:
Burpees x15, run top lot
Burpees x15, run middle lot
Burpees x15, run bottom lot
Burpees x15

Run between old/new museum buildings toward amphitheater

> Mericans x25 Beside the Big Lady Statue

Plank walk railings down into the Amphitheater (if not iced over)

> Start from Bottom of Amphitheater:
Alternate Dirkins x10/Squats x10 up the backless seating

Run back between old/new museum buildings

> Nipplers x25 (both arms, one count) beside the Big Lady Statue

Back to Triple Parking Lot

0610 Run back to parking for

  • Boat/Canoe / American Hammers / Long-Hold Plank / Long-Hold Low Plank

No mas.


The Judge was WarDaddy HQ this AM. Three men in the #respect category. Young bucks of F3Raleigh, take note. They’re coming for you.

Judges rule? 120-180 burpees apiece in the cold, damp, fog-covered gloom.

Also, according to the intellect and plain street sense of The Judge siteQIC, prevailing wisdom is to never call any lady, “BIG.” Even if she’s carved out of rock.


  • Feb 14th – Eat an unrecommended amount of KK donuts and run 6 miles. Or just go to watch Capt Kangaroo perform his super-human feat –> 24+ donuts and 6 miles. #greatness
  • MudRun – It’s coming. You should be at The Judge to get ready for it.
  • F3Raleigh Anniversary Convergence – Stay tuned


  • Prayers for Fazio’s M’s grandmother, nearing the end of life.
  • For YHC leading a memorial service on 1/16.

We face duress at The Judge, and we face it in life. We need each other and the strength of God in every moment, so let’s be men who rely on each other and on our Father in heaven. Aye.

Butcher lifted us up to the Father. Thanks, Butcher. Thanks, brothers.