Been awhile since I’ve been to Urban Jungle so thanks to Azul for the invitation to Q.  35 pax awaited to see what this stranger to UJ had in store.  Thought I’d try to figure out a workout that went easy on the calves, since mine still feel like a 500 lb kettlebell was dropped on each of them after the 9/11 stair climb.  Turns out unless you want to do merkins for 45 minutes, it’s hard to avoid using ’em.  Oh well.


GM x 10, the Zima Anti-SSH Calf Stretches x 10 sec each OYO, IW x 10

Mountain Climber Merkin Escalator – Mtn Climber x 15, Merkin x 5, Mtn Climber x 30, Merkin x 10, Mtn Climber x 45, Merkin x 15


Over to the grassy area behind the First Citizens round building.  Partner up for BOMBS.  5 sets of exercises starting with B-O-M-B-S, Partner 1 does AMRAP of called exercise while Partner 2 runs stair loop around building.  Switch until team gets to total number of reps for each exercise.  Note that by this time I realized it would be impossible to avoid using the calves so I figured why not attack the stairs again?

B urpees x 50

O verhead Claps x 100

M erkins x 150

B ig Boy Situps x 200

S tar Jumps x 250

Over to the parking lot for a pair of Stationary / In Place 7s.

1st:  Hand Release Merkins x 6 / Squat Jump x 1 to HR Merkins x 1 / Squat Jump x 6

2nd:  Double Hand Release Merkins x 6 / High Knees Squat Jump x 1 to DHR Merkins x 1 / High Knee Squat Jumps x 6

Back to the parking lot where we started.


LBC x 30, Reverse LBC x 30, Hollow Rocks x 15


Announcements, no prayer requests, then ManRam took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity Azul & Shake ‘n Bake, enjoyed it!