A nice morning to post was observed by the 10 men who gathered in the friendly environs of downtown Cary for a Thursday morning workout. Some of our regulars were at other places or in the fartsack, but some newer faces are getting to be regulars around these parts and we cant complain about that. A rather handsome UNC ensemble by Surcharge complete with some white leggings I believe mostly worn by male figure skaters and male cheerleaders. Whatever it takes. On to it.


Warm up at the usual spot in front of the bank. 15x mtn climbers, 15x Imperial Walkers, 15x good mornings, 12x merkeins. Bert chatting it up more than usual with his upcoming guys weekend at the beach. YHC took note.

jog to rock pile. choose medium sized rock and circle up. 15x overhead press, 20x curl, rock down and left arm on for uneven merkeins x 12, pass rock to the left. 12x overhead extension, 20x curls 12x uneven right arm merkeins, pass rock to the left, 15x overhead press, 8x diamond merkeins.

Jog to art center steps, partner up. P1 does arm rail slides all the way around whilst P2 does LBC’s. Flapjack. again rail slides whilst P2 does Merican Hammers.

Jog to small hill on Academy. P1 does wheelbarrows up hill, then P2 in plank with P1 doing 5x derkeins on his back, partner carry down hill and again with P2 plank and 3x P1 derkeins. Flapjack.

Jog to front of Library for the introduction of Sqerkeins the mumblechatter reducer (Bert challenged this as per usual). P1 in wheelbarrow position with P2 holding his feet. 7x derkeins in this position with P2 doing the same with squats. Rotate.

Back to Art center and more rail slides, flapjack and on to hill again for more of the wheelbarrow hill climbs, partner plank derkeins and partner carries and flapjack. Head back to library for round 2 of sqerkeins with a jack webb ratio of 1:3 derkeins to squats…men were fading here..and yet Bert kept talking.

head back to Church for some dips, left right step ups, dips again.

COT with Bert taking us out. An honor to lead you men on this fine spring day.