Skeleton crew today at the crick, with the other brothers out seeking mud run glory.
Turns out we did not need to go to Columbia to get muddy. Spurrier took care of that in our own backyard.

Spurrier 1st Half

1/2 mile warm up
10 good morning
20 SSH
10 imperial squat walkers
10 sir Fazio AC both ways
10 ...
Start in plank
5 plank steps to the left. 10 merkins
Roll on back 10 lbc's back to plank repeat x5

Line up run 60 yards prisoner squats x10 run back repeat. 50 yards lunges run back repeat. X2
Pick up a lone rock and Indian run til we drop!
Find the hill and start with 1 merkin run to top 2 merkins run down 3 do until 5 is achieved. Thank you it's all yours now. Spurrier.

Bob Ross 2nd Half

Run down to the planters grab a spot.
Irkins x10
Dips x10
Left/Right Step Ups x 10
Dirkins x10

Run down to the staircase for 11's
Star Jump at the top, prisoner squat at the bottom

To the wall for wall sits 1 minuted drop six inches for an addition minute
Balls to the wall, one minute... Repeato

To the rockpile grab a rock
Bicep curl x10
Overhead press x10
Bent over row x10
Tricep extension x10
Run around the parking lot
Repeato x2

Ditch the rock, circle up for Mary
LBCs x20
Low Slow Flutter x20
Heals to Heaven x20
WWII x 20
Merican' Hammers x20

Announcements: F3 Dads, Flag Football next Saturday, Go Ruck info Session on the 21st Players Retreat
Prayers for Watson's son considering potential schooling options

A pleasure to lead these men as always
God Bless My Friend,
Bob Ross