Food for thought during the workout was “What are the two best days of your life?”.  Motion is the Motto of the Thang. We can rest later at Caribou with Manna.  Lets ride:

The Thang:

Fellowship jog to Grass Field near Dojo.

Warmups with 25 SSH, 25 Mountain Climbers, 10 KD Kicks, 25 Mericans.

Partner Up.

Run Loop with 4 Fun Stations.

Start at Dojo. Run Around lake to bridge.  30 Mericans.  Run up hill to amphitheater.  30 Derkins on front of stage.  Run across the sand pit up the stairs to the statue. Slalom Course Side Hops through bollards all the way to the Museum Entrance.  Run Back Down around amphitheater loop, up Big Grassy Hill, down by artsy loops to Dojo.  15 burpee box jumps.

Circle up near Dojo at 6:03 for a series of Mary (LBC, Low Slow Flutter, Plank with various leg lifts).

Mosey some.  Sprint long side of lake.  Mosey some more.  Cross Country sprint to cars.

Circle Up.  PAX gives a few examples of best days.  YHC tells some examples of good days, and also bad days which led to good days.  Quote provided by Mark Twain, “The two most important days of your life are the day were born, and the day you figured out why”.

Prayer requests and announcements.  Denali’s friends baby with rare illness.  YHC took it out with prayer.

Appreciative of another day.  Maybe it’ll make the top two……