The thing about a circle is that it goes round and round with no way out. A half dozen duck pax cracked the gloom and grabbed a rock in time to say good morning to our Tahoe brethren passing through. Circle up. Ring of fire, circle of death, whatever you call it… plenty of monkeys and weasels around this mulberry bush.

The Thang:

SSH x 30

GM x 15

Double Merkin Burpees (DMB) – OYO x5

FAC x10 (each way)

Imp Walkers x 20

DMB – OYO x5

Merkins x 15

Plank Jacks x 20

DMB – OYO x5

Rock and Rotate: Curls, rotate, Rock Row, rotate, Shoulder Press, rotate, Tricep Extension, rotate, Rock Squat, rotate – 3 revolutions.

Rotation Continues: DMB, squats, partner durkins, merkins ,DMB, squats, partner durkins, plank hold, merkins, Yoda’s mumble chatter… TMB, rock hammer, DMB, partner durkins, merkins, burpees

Duck, Duck, Goose – sit in a circle, one pax bear crawls around the circle, as that pax leaves the circle, the next pax follows via bear crawl until back in place, keep going x 3 (this was a good way of bringing the circle in, perhaps next time may plank while waiting to chase)

COT: Sasquatch tomorrow, tons of unspoken prayers, Rain Man prayed us out.