Today’s plan emerged from the YHCs widely unaccepted Danger Zone Q last week. 12 men showed in the blustery cold weather that threatened a little rain with the gates locked. Good to see many of the men I haven’t seen since well before Christmas.


SSH 20ct, Windmills 20ct, Mtn Climbers 20ct


Modified Spartan 100

10th mile downhill run

10 jump exercises; alternating at the bottom of hill with jump lunges, jump squats, or tuck jumps

10th mile uphill run

10 swingset merkins [on chain link]. Lots of mumble chatter, this was not a fan favorite.

Repeat 10 times;

Total of 2 miles, 100 swingset merkins, 100 jump exercises

Early finishers audibled with some Plank-a-rama

Mosey to building for peoples chair;

Regular 30 ct

Kick start right 30ct, left 30 ct

One legged right 30ct, left 30ct

MARY:Nice cool down as the rain started.

Denali lead boat canoe 15 ct

Hot Spot lead Maktar Jive 10ct

Michelob lead Freddy Mercury 20ct

Rio lead Rosalita 15ct


Goose’s father battling Pneumonia

Sputnik took us out.


F3 Quarterly meeting at Players Retreat Tuesday January 27th 8.00pm

Krispy Kreme Challenge February 14

Upcoming Tobacco Road ½ marathon

Michelob running two 40 mile Ultras in February


Thank you for allowing YHC to take lead and will be ready to share the gloom again next Thursday at BO