It was a crisp cool morning this morning as we gathered at FOD. Apparently, PBX checked the weather report and was bundled up in Air Bag fashion (who fart sacked by the way) and Sky Blue didn’t check the weather and was bundled up in PBX fashion (i.e. shorts and a t-shirt). The crew gathered (including Callahan being early) and off we went.

Through the parking lot and down the tunnel path in the dark. Complements from Largemouth at this point, thinking we were starting the workout with a lot of running. We took a hard right coming out of the tunnel and headed back down the road – running, some forward, some in reverse.

Circled up back near the starting point to warmup with GM x13, SFAC x13 (forward, back, forward large, backward large), MC x13

Then over to the Pavilion where we located a deck of cards. Time for some modified Deck of Death.

Each Pax pull a card and then all complete the following exercise based on the card – Number of reps corresponds to the card with A=14, K=13, Q=12, J=11, etc.

A – Merkins
K –Sumo Squats
J- ALR Step Up
10 – Lunges
9- Plank Jacks
8- Dips
6- Star jumps
5-Box Jumps
4- Run a lap of the soccer field
3- Burpees
2- Pull ups

Rince/ repeat – continuing around the circle alternating pax pulling cards until the deck is complete. Lots of mumblechatter early on – but quickly subsided.

We had a few minutes left at the end – so in typical Franklin style – we did some Peoples chair with 10 count down the line followed by some parking lot suicides – 2x. No need for Mary at the end as we had mixed it in throughout.

Announcements – Christmas Party – 12/15 – 6:30 – Mellow Mushroom; Bring unwrapped toys for Toys for tots – give to site Q, 3rd F starting tomorrow after SNS at Brueggers.
Prayers – Nature Boy’s new nephew (praise), Clown Car of Respects (see below), Beige Ops


– Got to give credit to shutty today – he correctly pointed out that the Jack – should have been Plank Jacks

– As we finished our workout today there was one of Cary’s finest waiting for us in his squad car. Turns out – he is F3 Barney – typically posts in Burlington. He was driving through and noticed the shovel flag so he waited around to say hello. Callahan gave him the run down on Carpex workouts and he indicated that he would be back to post with us soon.

– Once again, I see how it feels to be a single parent site Q. Ma Bell talks a big game about how he is always there – and then doesn’t show up. Largemouth – I might need to join that support group you have formed. Is it possible that Ma Bell is so upset that I have missed a few weeks in a row – that he went awol just to get back at me – or more likely see next announcement

– There was an additional announcement today – that all the respects have taken a clown car down to Florida for the winter. First cold weather in a while – and all the Respects stayed in their toasty beds. Biner was quite upset that he missed the clown car – but did at least acknowledge that based on what he knew we would be unlikely to see many Respects in Carpex until the spring thaw.