Good times at the Vortex this morning, even though THC kept screwing up the exercise commands. The usual warm-up (a lap around the fields and 15 cadence-count SSHs, imperial walkers, windmills, mountain climbers, and merkins), then we divided into two groups of four for a Mini-Murph.

One group of PAX ran a mile on the field, while the other did 50 pull-ups, 100 merkins, and 150 air squats on the playground, apportioned as desired. The first group to finish did SSHs (which begin to hurt after about a hundred) until the others arrived—then we switched immediately. Again, SSHs until both groups had finished.

After a ten-count, straight into the bear crawl (across the field), 10 burpees, crab walk back, and 10 more burpees. Sawyer then chose the Avengers-tribute Mary over the “fun-relay-thing,” sealing our fate.  But don’t worry; next time we have a multiple of four PAX, we will do the relay…

The goal was to do two or three circuits of Avengers-themed Mary, but the first one kicked our butts. Only Brick, who is obviously part jungle cat, could do the “[Black] Panther” Crawl with any speed from one corner of the field to the center, where we did 20 WW IIs in honor of Cap. More Panther Crawl to the corner for 20 cadence-count Thor’s Hammers. Then, instead of a soul-killing Panther Crawl back all the way the length of the field, we did a giant and truly glorious Bear Crawl (except for Bushwood, who got extra credit for throwing in some Panther). Then Peter Parkers (12) and Parker Peters (12). That took us to 6:29, so we just planked it to the end.

Enjoy Avengers 2 this weekend, and keep coming out to the Vortex! We will aim to provide an opportunity for glory each week. Great to have a mix of familiar and newer faces today in our neck of the woods.