Courtesy of Cinderella…at the close of the morning.  Stellar voice and now the song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  Many thanks.  more to come on that.

20 PAX arrived ready to work.  YHC had to make up for a shortened Q a few weeks back and therefore had some extra time added on this morn.  Stepping into the gloom we started with a circle up at the field for world’s greatest stretch with low plank hold, followed by 20x standard merkens, 40 x SSH, 15x sir fazio arm circles, 20x ski abs, 10 man makers (Orwell called out the name) OYO

Run down to Joyner stopping at the bridge for a prisoner squat pyramid.  Continue on to the parking lot for a mixed lbc and merkin pyramid.  Onto the basketball courts for 11s of sumo star jumps and burpees. Into the shelter for irkens, dips, step ups, derkins and pull-ups.  Repeato sans pull-ups.

Back to the basketball courts for a double suicide.  Jog back to the Lourdes.  Halfway back Chippendale called for another prisoner squat pyramid filled with mumble chatter.  At which point Cinderella broke into “everybody’s working for the weekend” by Loverboy – an homage to the SNL skit. Well done.

Run back to field with a Q-tip sprint at the bench. At this point YHC had run into overtime. So quick merry of boxcutters, low slow flutter, heel to heaven and Freddy Mercurys. Done.

Name o rama and a props out to F3 dads over the weekend.

Prayer out by YHC.

Well done and sorry to keep everyone a little late but it was well worth it.

Happy birthday to Cujo at 56. Respect