As the PAX rose to its feet following the final exercise reps of a grueling morning, what remained on the pavement were a haunting circle of dark, muddy handprints and smatterings of sweat. These were the mark of the beastly Trump beatdown. And this is how they got there …


Warm Up
Arm Circles & Reverse
Imperial Walker


The Thang
Head to the pavilion. Dips, then Derkins. Repeat three times.

Run up the hill to the home site pipes. Hop to first pipe, do 10 merkins. Spider crawl to the second pipe, do 10 merkins. Repeat until you get to the end of the road.

Run to the next pavilion for Dips & Irkins. Repeat twice.

Move to the street and partner up for wheelbarrows. Then proceed to the soggy green for partner relays of Crab Walk/Plank Jack, Bear Crawl/WWII, Crawl Bear/Squat.

NA Run to Woods for four descending sets of pullups.

And back to the parking lot for Mary: Hammer, LBC, Peter Parker


Reminder: COT is intended for stating your own name – not somebody else’s.

Happy Halloween!