With the Shovel Flag (actual) entrenched, we are coming to you live from the filled-in creek bed that is Roanoke Park…

The Thang:

Warm UpSSHs, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Imperial Walkers

The Deal3-man teams; 30 min running clock; 5 Stations; Prescribed Repetitions; run on down the line.  Max revolutions…

Stop 1: Burpee with Push Press of El Jefe, Ron and their other brother Ron (Newhart!) X 5

Stop 2: Medicine Ball toss over the Backstop X 10 5

Stop 3: Dead hang pull ups X 5

Stop 4: Box jumps on built-in park benches X 20

Stop 5: Kettlebell (55 Lbs, 35 lbs, 25 lbs) Swings X 10…clean and catch carry for 7 yds…X 10 more swings …clean and carry for 7 yds. 

Run back to Stop 1, rinse, shampoo, repeat

Stretcharama (TARP takes us through)


The Moleskin:

  • Average finish looks like just north of three complete revolutions (roughly 15 burpee presses; 15-20 medicine ball tosses, 15 dead hang pull ups; 60 box jumps; 60 kettlebell swings, with about a mile or so of tempo commuting in betwixt).
  • Glad to have FNG Joe in attendance.  He’s locked up “Most Obscure F3 Name in History” for the foreseeable future, unless and until the pax starts doling out names referring to members of Eisenhower’s cabinet…
  • In the words of Ben Johnson, we expanded the footprint this morning.  Built in significant travel runs between stations; stretching to the other end of the park is merely the precursor to actually pushing railroad cars across the Fairview Road intersection behind the gas station that does not sell gas. 
  • There were rumors among the pax that we might get a The Big Tuna sighting in the gloom, to no avail.   Apparently, White Shoe’s mid-workout tuna sandwich snack last month was a little insensitive. #whoknew
  • Thanks to Maize and White Shoe for arriving early to help in the set up for the elongated course.   Thanks also to Maize and CK for bringing the kettlebell Three Amigos back from the basketball court frontier. 
  • We join with El Jefe & Ron in mourning their other brother Ron, who succumbed to a gut shot and spilled his guts in the midst of the pain.  King David was with him to the end.  Mere grains of 100% pure colombian playground sand remain to remind us of the other Ron’s contribution to the effort. 
  • Two Pax ran-in today–Wendell Gee in his usual Prefontaine style. TARP ran at “flanking speed” to come aboard at approximately 5:59:48 AM.  TARP then added a nice postscript to the Mule by recounting that his actual brother QE3 was prepared run the Mule course in reverse on Saturday.  In older brother fashion, TARP harnessed that youthful exuberance by pressing QE3 into loading tractor tires in pick ups all morning… (21 year olds–hate, hate)