It was a pure pleasure to celebrate my 56th birthday with a group of my F3 friends, on a sticky but beautiful morning at the Judge. 15 Pax assembled in the lower parking lots and we were off.

Warm Up

  • Good mornings x 20
  • SSH x 20
  • Mtn Climbers x 20
  • Low Plank Hold x 20

And we are off to the races.

The Thang

A Simple 1 mile loop around the lake and Art Museum with 4 pain stations at each quarter mile interval.

  • Station 1  Bupees x 10, Partner Derkins x 12
  • Station 2 Burpees x 10, Swiss Mericans x 12
  • Station 3 Burpees x 10, Hand Release Mericans x 12
  • Station 4 Burpees x 10, Partner Hand Clap Mericans x 12

On the second loop double the # of mericans at each stop.

Third loop back to the 12 mericans at each stop.

The challenge was to complete 3 full loops before time expired, and many of the group did. Michelob and Denali led the pack. Great work out there guys.

The mumble chatter began in earnest on the second loop when the merican count went to 24. Someone suggested that Fluoride was a sadist, but of course that is normal, he’s a dentist !!! Actually since the advent of local anesthesia we don’t practice much sadism in the dental field these days. But I took it as a great compliment that someone thought i was a sadist while acting as QIC of the Judge.


  • AMRAP LBCs until everyone gets into the circle.
  • Box Cutters x20
  • 6 inch leg hold x 20 count
  • American Hammers x 56



Seriously, thank you to everyone in F3 for helping make me a better man physically. For helping me to be a better leader at home, at work and in my community. Lets all work together to help build good male leaders for our future, God knows we need them desperately.

I close with my favorite Scripture:  “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength ” Phil:4-13. He will bring you through whatever you face today and tomorrow. You can count on it.

Prayers fo Chinese Downhill’s family. He lost his 23 YO son last Thursday.


56 YO Fluoride out!!!