Since Monday at Crucible, my right knee hasn’t been feeling very good.  Actually this has been going on for a while but it was starting to feel really good before that second to last burpee Monday.  So I knew I was going to have to be a bit flexible with the Q today while I figured out on the fly what I could and couldn’t do.  Running straight ahead felt OK and I knew I could go heavy on the upper body so that was the loose plan.

8 showed up for EC (or something close to that number) led by PC.  This was classic Detention Corn.  If you don’t know what that means, show up any Wednesday at 5:30 and you’ll see.

Back to the parking lot for the main event.  Just before we start, Tinkertoy grabs me and says “Where are you going to take us, I can’t run forward but I’ll catch up with you guys”.  Ever wonder if you’re a HIM?  If you show up and grind through an entire F3 workout when you CAN’T RUN FORWARD, then you are probably a HIM.  YHC tucked this knowledge away after confiding in Tink that I didn’t know where we were going but we wouldn’t leave him.  No FNGs, all veterans, no disclaimer…

Warm Up

SSH x20
GM x20
IW (IBEKH) x20
MC x20 (in honor of Grady and Superstar who were on a 17 mile hike in the NC mountains this morning)

The Thang

Run to the benches near the bathrooms.  Announce we were going in short bursts today so Tink wouldn’t have too far to run.
Quick round of LR Step Ups.
Run to the field on the other side of the bathrooms.
Set of 7s
Merkins/Backwards Run/Squats/Forward Run

Run to the track
Backward squat hold as we wait for the 6

Run to the rock pile, grab a rock, head to the courtyard (not by Marriot)
Jack Webbs with the Rocks
1 Merkin / 1 Rock Press to 10 (Before we start CDC whispers “you remember how bad these are without rocks, right?)

Run to the steps by the back parking lot
Set of 7s
Durkins off the brick wall/ Irkins on the curb at the top of the parking lot

Backwards run down the side of the building to the green electric box in tribute to Sister Maria and her tortilla cooking method prior to her first brick oven, which of course was built for her by Guy Paxon, Sr.

Run back for a quick tribute to WMMS Outreach.  10 Partner Hand Slap Merkins followed by another 10.

Back to our rocks in the courtyard.
Rock work in cadence
Curls x20
Triceps x20
Rock Press x20

Repeat x15 (except rock press x10)

Return the rocks on the way to the track.  Run halfway around.  Coco ran backwards with Tink.  Regroup on the parking lot side of the track and then AYG back to the parking lot.

Finish with American Hammer and then a glorious Merkin Wave.  Grady is jealous.  Yes, I called him immediately and told him about it.


Head down East with F3 Disaster Relief and help the folks still recovering.
Next Monday at Tinkertoy’s House is the next chapter of the book study.

Prayer Requests:

Friend of Pygmy with cancer and upcoming surgery.
PAX with premature baby

Fife took us out with strong words of thanks and praise.

As always, an honor to lead this group of men.