24 Pax, including 5 FNGs posted for a crisp Spring morning.  Minnie brought on the Magic Kingdom of Pain before we engaged in a little Commodity Trading in the half-pipe.  Let’s enjoy these mornings in the 40s as the weather is going to ramp-up to muggy quick.


Indian Run to Tennis Parking circle
Warm-up – SSH, Imp Walkers, Windmills, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Fazio Arm Circles
Jog to Parking Deck for Space Mountain (Minnie)
On way up the deck:


Two groups – flap jack
  Group 1 – Decline Plank
  Group 2 – sprint up incline and back – 2 laps


  Group 1 –  Wall chair
  Group 2 – sprint up incline and back – 2 laps


  Group 1 – Decline Sarkozy
  Group 2 – sprint up incline and back – 1 lap


  Group 1 – Decline Putin
  Group 2 – sprint up incline and back – 1 lap


Top of deck for Four corners


Station 1: decline merkins with feet on wall 20 count
      – jog to next station
Station 2: 1/2 burpee with knee ups 15 count
      – jog to next station
Station 3: single leg dead lifts 15 count each leg
      – jog to next station
Station 4: star jumps 20 count


Jog to Half-Pipe for Commodity Trading (Enron)
Partner AMRAP – between top of half-pipe and shelter across the way
– Merkins & Burpees x 10
– CDD & single-leg squats x 10 per leg
– spider-man merkins & box jumps x 10 (real men go table top)
10-count and Repeat (half reps at bottom of half-pipe only)


Jog to circle lawn
6 minutes of Mary
      LBC x 37
      Freddy Mercury
      Russian Hammers x 31
      WWII Sit-ups
      3 count 6-inch leg hold around the circle


# # # #


  • to the Pax for enduring this tough workout.  Severe editing on the fly as it was a BURNER. Minnie put up a great first Q – you did a great job brother and set us up for a tough finish.  They always look easier on paper…
  • Tecumseh for bringing two FNGs to the Saturday AM.  Setting a strong EH example for us.  5 total FNGs out of 24 posting.
  • Tantrum (great name) for joining us from Charlotte
  • Johnny Utah and Grease Monkey for joining me with Table Top Box Jumps… way to accept the challenge Men
  • Au Pair for sleeping in at the Beach…

We miss many of our regulars who are out for sickness, injury, or family.  Lifting you each up in prayer.  We look forward to reconnecting soon.

For Floppy Disk, here is the decoder report – http://connect.garmin.com/activity/293882352