Slash (Lee Clyburn) following his command performance at Hopebuilder on 3/21/14
Slash (Lee Clyburn) following his command performance at Hopebuilder on 3/21/14

YHC knows today is Monday, but if you forgot (or were glued to the TV watching your bracket disenigrate), Friday’s weather was outstanding.  Perfect spring day and a chance to visit our brother Dufresne.  The PAX gathered, shared about the various GORUCK, The Ram, Mudrun, Relay, and other #CSAUP shenanigans underway across F3Nation along with events like TheArena, SecondFDinner, ThirstyThursdays, and F3Dads on the schedule.  The common theme – men all around offering prayers of comfort, healing, and strength for Dufresne and his family.  YHC will confess he was late to arrive and after talking a bit, asked Slash if he brought his ax.  Slash responded that the ukulele was in the car.  Slash returns with aforementioned ukulele and a songbook full of lyrics (the man knows the limitations of the PAX from singing Christmas carols at Duke Raleigh Hospital). What followed was special. We sang John Mellencamp, Van Morrison, Robert Earle Keen, John Hiatt among others.  We all got more comfortable as it went along.  Murse Chris stopped in a couple of times after hearing a few tunes he recognized.  Dufresne smiled a few times which made a good day even better. Maize closed out COT with a strong prayer.  T-Claps to Slash for sharing his talent with the PAX and to the PAX for belting out the hits with enthusiasm. Perhaps we should take requests next time?

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Maize closed out COT with a prayer for understanding, healing, strength, and peace.

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