It had been one of those weeks for YHC.  The song loop in YHC’s head was more Pharrell Williams’s Bad Day from Despicable Me than Happy.  Time to put that aside – YHC was headed to Dufresne’s.  A visit YHC always looks forward to.  Why?  Always leave inspired.  Always leave with a deep sense that #Iamthird.  Appreciation for those who walk along side us.

Dufrense was better.  The swelling caused by the air from his lungs escaping into his body cavity had decreased considerably.  Wasn’t totally gone, but much better.  That smile of Dufresne’s was present and we could all make eye contact.  He was in his bed, but the PAX could circle up as always.

We talked about GORUCK and other #CSAUP events on the horizon, how multiple workouts across the region pray daily for Dufresne, and how good it was to see him.  We also shared about Orwell’s mother who was recently diagnosed and now undergoing treatment of Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – all because of Orwell’s participation in #Hopebuilder and knowing Dufresne.

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