Strange Brew Movie Poster

13 PAX entered the gloom on a clear Monday morning.  Clear meaning you could see the moon and stars.  YHC recently received an invitation from Ron Burgundy and Elsinore that they would both be out of town and could YHC serve as QIC of North Hills on 3/24?  The response, AYE!

YHC thought an Ode to Elsinore was in order.


Jog to the back of the parking lot (to avoid the enthusiasm of our cadence count waking the neighbors).
SSH x 24
Good Mornings x 24
Mountain Climbers x 24
Windmills x 24

At this point, YHC revealed the source of inspiration for today’s beatdown. Strange Brew – the 1983 classic starring Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas as the unemployed brothers, Bob and Doug McKenzie.  YHC is proud to share that MTony Robbins owned this cinematic masterpiece on VHS back in the day.  Since the brothers McKenzie tried to blackmail their way to free beer by planting a live mouse in a beer bottle, and because YHC didn’t plan to bring a bunch of mice to a workout, we did the next best thing…we used our imaginations.  It was a glorious sight.  13 men running at fellowship pace with right hands fully extended as if holding their tickets to supposed free suds by the tail.  YHC overhead mumble chatter about how silly this looked.  YHC just regrets Elsinore and Ron Burgundy missed this vision by moonlight.

Upon arrival at the top of Sisyphus, YHC shared the backstory on what happened when the McKenzie brothers arrived at their local store trying to claim their free Elsinore…they were sent to take up the matter at the Elsinore Brewery.  Onward!

After assembling at the bottom of Sisyphus and pausing under the I-440 overpass along Crabtree Creek, YHC shared that the brothers McKenzie were given the task of inspecting beer bottles for mice.  How do you simulate that?  Imagination my friends, but grab a rock first.

Curls x 24
Prisoner Squats x 24
Merkins (left hand on rock x 24 then right hand on rock x 24)

Inspection complete.  Back up Sisyphus.  At the top, Plank with alternating Sarkozy, Putin.  Next up, the shelter or otherwise known as Brewmeister Smith’s lab where he tests his mind-controlling beer on patients from the asylum.

Decline Merkins x 24
Dips x 24
Alternating Left Right Step Ups x 24

To the parking circle, split into two groups with ones sprinting around the circle, twos doing prisoner squats, alternating three times.  Why?  What’s the point?  During one sequence, the brothers McKenzie are separated for the first time in their lives, hence two groups.  Just like Strange Brew, everyone is reunited at the end.

To the tennis courts for bear, sprint, bear suicides (ah Bob Vila you missed this beauty, but MacGruber didn’t care for it any more this week than your version last week) with People’s Chair after each set.  Again, why do this?  In Strange Brew, the only way for Bob McKenzie to survive being trapped in a brewery tank is to drink all the beer.  Bear sprint bear suicides is a sure way to work off the calories.

LBCs x 24
Dying Cockroach x 24
Freddie Mercury x 24

Why 24?  Standard number in a case of beer.

HC for Third F Convergence at Tyler’s Taproom 3/25 at 6:30 pm
Second F at Player’s Retreat on 3/27 at 6:00 pm
GORUCK Challenge in Raleigh on 5/3.  You should and you can…HC before 4/1.
Hopebuilder on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 4:00 pm.  No workouts, just visiting…and maybe singing…with a ukulele.

Maize took us out with prayers spoken for Dufresne and prayers unspoken on our hearts.

YHC had a momentary lapse of reason and totally blanked on name-o-rama, so we did it on the walk back to the cars.

T-Claps to the PAX for solid work this morning – grateful for the opportunity to workout alongside you.
T-Claps to Ron Burgundy and Elsinore for extending the invitation.  Safe travels men.