The overnight rain storm cleared just in time for 7 undeterred PAX – including 2 FNGs – to find their way to The Thicket, circle up and start the week off the right way.

As the PAX set off into the dark morning, dodging puddles that might as well have been invisible, they lost themselves in the collective effort.

Burt Reynolds (and later Eminem, more or less) said it best:
“Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything.”

Warm Up
Arm Circles & Reverse
Imperial Walker
Air Squat

The Thang
Headed to the pull-up bars for two sets of Reverse Grip Pull Ups.

Grabbed a pair of bricks from the wall and headed to the street for a jog up into BC, stopping along the way for:
Reverse Curls
Brick Merkins
Brick-overhead Run

Dips & Derkins – Repeated 2x

Under the pavilion:
Bear Crawl, run back x2 – Brick Curls while waiting
Crawl Bear, run back x2 – Reverse Brick Curls while waiting
Crab Walk, run back x2 – Brick Curls while waiting
Traveling Burpee x2, run back – Lateral Brick Raise & Hold while waiting

50% sprint up first hill block, stopped for Merkins.
75% sprint up next hill block, stopped for Merkins
Jogged down the hill and Walking Lunge to next hill
Sprint to the top

Back to the pavilion for Mary:
Russian Hammer
Merkin/Plank Hold Ring of Fire
Peter Parker

Retrieved the bricks and headed back to the starting point.

With the humidity, the water rushing down the street, and the not-yet-fully-developed setting, the PAX was in a rural mood and the FNGs were named as such. Welcome to Catskill and Dueling Banjos, who acquitted themselves quite well.

Next Sunday 10 PAX head to the Ronald McDonald House to cook and serve a meal for 40. The adjoining F3 fundraising effort has already exceeded $1,000!