Four months ago to the day I succumbed to an EH from Raleigh brother Au Pair, and posted at the Resurgence.  I’d heard a little about F3, thought it would be interesting to see what it was all about.  I assumed that perhaps – if I liked it – I’d try to hit the Saturday workout maybe once or twice a month.  Because, you know, 7:00 is early on a Saturday, and I like sleeping in.  At that point I couldn’t IMAGINE getting up on a weekday at 5:30 in the morning to venture out into the gloom.  It simply wasn’t even on the radar.

Fast forward four months.  123 days.  Like so many before me (and more and more after, thankfully), I’ve rearranged my life to make sure I can post as often as my body can take it.  I’m sleeping better, eating better, and feeling better.  I’m meeting a solid group of guys, and my perspective on life has changed.  F3 has filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know was there.  Thank you to Au Pair and to Adolphus, Weurffl, Coco, Dunphy, Shooter, TI and everyone else in the Chapel Hill Durham pax, for the past four months – and for the many, many months to come.

 Today, 123 days after my first post at the Resurgence, was my maiden Q.  Thanks to a STRONG pax of 21 for the honor.


Jog to church parking lot to circle up for warm-up:  SSH x20, Windmills x20, Imperial Walkers x20, Arm Circles x10 plus reverse x10, Merkins x10, Mt Climbers x 10, all in cadence.

Count off by 1s and 2s for BRISK Indian Run (not a race, unless it was) back to parking lot.

Stop on path down to tennis courts for quick body weight pull-ups on rail, 15 oyo.

At tennis courts, we ran the Escalator, with 1s on one side of the net and 2s on the other (again, not a race, unless…):

Sprint 2 tennis courts and back, SSH x15 (oyo, single count)

Sprint 3 tennis courts and back, SSH x15 plus Mt Climbers x15 (oyo, single count)

Sprint 4 tennis courts and back, SSH x 15, Mt Climbers x15 plus Long Slow Flutter x15 (oyo, single count)

Sprint 5 tennis courts and back, SSH, Mt Climbers, LSF, plus Merkins x15 (same)

Sprint 6 tennis courts and back, SSH, Mt Climbers, LSF, Merkins, plus burpees x5 (same)

Following each rep, plank it out until pax finishes.

Next, peoples chairs against back fence for 90 seconds.

Recovery jog to the sand pit for THE BIG MICK (props: the ‘Merkin Indian Crawl.  Pax forms 2 lines (by 1s and 2s, again not a race…) head to toe in sand pit.  Last pax in each line calls 5 single count Merkins then proceeds to bear crawl to front of line.  Continue process until everyone has bear crawled to the front.  REPEATO.

 Recovery jog to picnic benches for dips x15 (cadence count) plus step up calf extensions x9 on each leg (cadence count).

 6 minutes of Mary consisted of Cross-LBCs x15, Miley (aka Dolly) x15, Russian Hammer x15, (TEN)Inchworms x5 oyo (a new? exercise – start in pike position w knees straight, walk hands out to Merkin position, knock out 3 single count Merkins, then walk hands back as far as possible keeping knees straight, to stretch calves and hammys… really appreciated the mumblechatter about the source of this exercise, which will never, EVER be repeated, thank you very much), and Adolphus plank stretch (regular, hips down, one arm, pike).

 Jog back to upper parking lot for COT:

 Welcome to Prius, visiting from Atlanta.

 9/11 stair run tomorrow.  Meet at the Bell Tower (the actual tower) at 5:45 sharp.  Parking should be available on Stadium Drive.  We’ll run stairs in Bell Tower parking deck.

 F3 Chapel Hill Anniversary one week from today.  F3 Chapel Hill was founded Rameses (Outdoor Ed. Center) on Wednesday September 18th, 2013. We’ll celebrate in one week – next Wednesday (9/17), same time and place as usual.  Looking forward to the largest pax ever, for the anniversary.

 Chapel Hill GoRuck.  Oct. 10.  Info and signup link here. Good long read on the GRC from WaPo here.

 Strong work this morning, brothers!

 Lo Pair

Posted on behalf of Lo Pair