4 stalwarts of Churham (OGs if you will) came ready for a beatdown… the problem was that several other pax were off running the Tar Heel 10 Miler… and while we respect that, they missed one heck of a workout…

Warm-up: yogging, SSH x40 (this really got floyd started early), good mornings x15, merkins x15, mountain climbers x10

Festivus feats of strength – AMRAP – merkins, jump lunges, bows/toes plank, 6″ leg raise, something else… i think riggs and rodeo won all of them… floyd, is that right?

Full field sprint jacob’s ladder – 5 burpees, other side 10 jump lunges, 4 burpees, 10 jump lunges…. back and forth, back and forth

Adult F3 Tag – 2 minutes each, first round, each pax tagged must do 10 merkins, second round, 10 airsquats, third round, 3 burpees, 4th round 5 carolina dry docks –

Usain bolts – dealers choice with basketball court suicides x 2 cycles
Mary: LBCs x50


– reverse people’s chair.. not cool floyd
– good luck to the pax participating in GoRuck this coming Friday
– Churham Resurgence is Saturday May 10…FNG friendly event.. numbers are dwindling for some reason..
– strong work to Adolphus and other CH/D/R pax who ran the 10miler
– good luck to our CH/D legal team as they get ready to pass their last exams and become real lawyers… YHC has some tickets that need taking care of…