YHC let Chong Li know he’d be coming in on two wheels for #Hopebuilder and based on the threat of thunderstorms and a tornado warning, perhaps wet.  The VSF was planted firmly in the front yard and we managed to get inside between downpours.

After chatting with Dufresne’s family and Murse Chris, we made our way upstairs to see Dufresne.  Murse Chris was about to head out to coach his son’s baseball team, weather permitting.  We arrived upstairs to find Dufresne sedated and resting as we announced our presence and started in.  With all the thunder and lightning outside, YHC shared that while the Bruce Springsteen show may have been at PNC Arena last night, they saved the light show for this afternoon.  After sharing stories for a few minutes, Fazio “jumped in amongst us” (shoutout to the late and much beloved comedian, Jerry Clower).

We shared a bit more when Murse Chris joined us for one last check of Dufresne’s vitals before leaving.  Murse Chris wouldn’t be back until after the weekend.  He’s been alongside Dufresne and the family during this journey for a long time.  The PAX stepped back from the bed to allow Murse Chris room to work, when we witnessed one of the most powerful moments any of us have ever encountered.  YHC can’t do it justice through the backblast.  Murse Chris leaned in, told Dufresne how much he loved him, told him to be strong, wished for peace for Dufresne, and that when Dufresne gets to heaven to have a ball.  Murse Chris wiped back the tears as he gave Dufresne a kiss on the forehead.  YHC then asked Murse Chris and the PAX to join in for a BOM as YHC prayed us out.  YHC let Dufresne know we’d be back Tuesday.

As we stepped outside, Murse Chris announced, “It’s a beautiful day.”  Indeed and much to ponder on the ride home.

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