Over the past several weeks YHC noticed a marked increase in running (see Gnobby for details) proportedly due to the up coming BRR.

In an effort to change the pace- Q & pax took on the following

warm up: SSHx25, goodmorning x11, imperial walker x12, windmills x10

tha thang:

Stay right where you are, the pain will come to you- Merkin pyramid of suck:

standard merkins: 1- plank hold 5 secs- 2 – ph5s – 3 – ph5s – 4 … All the way to 10 and back down.

Jog to clock deck- Merkin complex pyramid: 1 rep = right hand forward merkin, left hand forward merkin! diamond merkin, wide grip merkin. The deck has 8 levels- each level pyramid up to 4 reps and back down by the top of the deck, recover on the stairs up.

at the top: Merkins pyramid of suck: up to 6 and back. Modified pyramid of suck- BLTs (yes, LBC) start @ 5, hold back and shoulders off the ground for the 5 count and increase by 5 counts until 30 reps and then back down. Then one more merkin pyramid of suck to 6 and back down.

on the way down: merkin complex (above) same as before. On the first level: 11 count Merkins instead of the final rep of 1.

jog back to Moore square: hammers 24x, Merkins 10x.

Moleskin- prayers for YHC grandfather (various ailments, in hospital), cujo’s reunion with his brother (I should say one of his brothers, he has 11 siblings), season salt’s family esp. His 2 daughters.


always an honor to be with you Pax