Ollie, Ma Bell, Sputnik, Callahan, Franklin, Surcharge, Riptide, Banjo

YHC was motivated by his lackluster performance on 9/11 and chose “Stairway to Heaven” as the initial inspiration, but some of the best Led Zeppelin lyrics could not be overlooked.

Shovel flag was planted early but Riptide was there first and proceeded to grill Q on posting at A-Team following the MULE. He preferred to fartsack. There was lots of chatter about the MULE and it was nice to see 5 participants in tow. It was great to see Surcharge, who was all but almost forgotten (never).

Despite the rain last night, we had a beautiful cool and awe inspiring morning.

YHC had problem working the left hand so there was last minute call to avoid the arms with one exception below. I should have notified CK with available time.

The thang was a high intensity workout with rest only at peoples chair or jog home.

“Over the Hills and Far Away”: I kept the men… thinking about the things they should know.

PAX departed Waldo and headed = quarter mile lite jog to Cary Arts Center for some warmup.

SSH x 15, Windmill x 15, Good AM x 15, Count-a-rama, Frankensteins x 15


“Stairway to Heaven”: the PAX spirit was …crying for leaving.. but a new day will dawn for those who stand long.

3 sets of stair jumps, each set =  right leg only, left leg only, both feet.

20 count peoples chair to follow


“When the Levee Breaks”: Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan.

3 rounds of man carries up the levee (if you can call it that)

20 count peoples chair to follow

4 rounds of hill sprints.

20 count peoples chair to follow


“Black Dog”: .. gonna make you sweat…gonna make you burn

Plank-O-Rama: Regular x 80ct, chillcut x 80 count, Regular x 80, low plank hold x 40, Regular x 40, chillcut x 25. The Downward Dog was inspiration, but did not give the pax to have that rest.


“Dazed and Confused”: Don’t know where you goin’, only where you been

2 x 80% full sprint around bases, first = 10 prisoner squats, second = 5 star jumps, third = 10 prisoner squats, home = 5 star jumpes.

20 count peoples chair to follow



“Ramble On”: Leaves were falling all around, it was time to be on our way… It was time for us to go

Time to head back to Waldo for some Mary.


The COT:

“Houses of the Holy”: There ain’t no use in cryin, cause it will only drive you mad

PAX was spent so we did some Mary, dealers choice: LBC-40, 6”-20, Box Cutters-15, Freddy Mercs-15,Rosalita-15, Heel touches-15, dying cockroaches-15, slutters-15.

YHC followed with tradition of getting to know PAX. Question was: your favorite vacation spot? Beach, Mountains West of Asheville, Fishing, Disney with family, Alaskan Cruise, San Francisco, Snow Skiing at Jackson Hole, float plane drop off in Quetico for a week.

Sputnik took us out with prayers to father of Roman Schwartz and baby Wonk and family.

Thanks guys; you continue to inspire me. It is a pleasure to work with you.