14 Pax. 500+ lbs of collective cold steel. Fog rolls in. Let’s ring those bells.

Warm-up COP:  SSH’s, IW’s, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers, Windmills

Parking Lot Pyramids:  Each man moves his bell down and back the upper parking lot, stopping at every 3rd parking space for a set of exercises.  Reps of 5, 10, 15, 10 and 5 at the respective designated stops.  In between stops, carry your bell in the manner designated by the Q.  Mix of planks and squat holds between sets.  Sets included the following:

  • 2-handed swings, carry bell chest-high in front between stops
  • Goblet squats, carry bell overhead between stops
  • Overhead press, single-arm farmer carry between stops
  • Squat to High Pull, carry bell chest-high in front between stops
  • Tricep extensions, carry bell overhead between stops (#CrowdPleaser)
  • Alternating lunges, single-arm farmer carry between stops
  • Curls, single-arm farmer carry between stops

Topped off the pyramids with snatches (right arm going down and left arm coming back), 5 reps at each stop, then carry your bell overhead down and back.

3 MOM:  Mini Bell BC’s x 20, American Bell Hammers x 15, Boat/Canoe.



  • YHC is not the most creative guy, lacking Cindy’s fur coat flair, Shaggy’s gift of prose and the musical stylings of Waldo, Tuck, Gnard and the Cap’n. Pretty straight-forward stuff today, but hopefully the pax got their money’s worth.
  • Welcome Blitz™ FNG My Precious. Strong work for a first-timer. Look forward to your return.
  • Great to have Site Q Mick back in the fold today.  Been missing you brother.
  • Closed out by confessing that I wasn’t all that excited when Gnard reached out to me on Tuesday about Q’ing.  Coming off a week of no posts and fighting through the post-holiday winter blues, in my head I went through the litany of reasons and excuses why I should decline. Nope, none good enough, so I accepted the invite. Glad I did.  You will be too if you have not done so yet.

As always, an honor and a pleasure.  Aye.